Practice Areas

Specific examples of some companies that fall into these practice areas are listed here.


Checking accounts, loans, debit/check cards, and credit cards

Examples: Refusal to refund unauthorized charges, improper or excessive bank fees, data breaches, debt collection abuse, credit reporting errors.


Telephone, cable, satellite, internet, power, gas, and security companies

Examples: Contract and billing disputes


Doctors, dentists, optometrists, clinics, hospitals, health insurance companies, and veterinarians

Examples: Reimbursements, billing code fraud, and balance billing


Hidden charges, deceptive initiation fees, reimbursement problems, reoccurring fees not agreed to


Insurance companies, brokers, and agencies

Examples: Billing irregularities and claim disputes regarding homeowners, personal property, and vehicle policies among others


False advertising, breach of warranty, extended warranties, and product liability (defective goods and services)

When big companies commit fraud, no dollar amount is too small to fight!

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