What do I do?

My legal practice focuses exclusively on handling consumer complaints of fraud and other deceptive practices against businesses. I leverage the Consumer Fraud Act along with other federal and state regulations to preserve consumer rights.

Who do I represent?

Individuals throughout Illinois who are victims of fraudulent billing, contracts, mandatory arbitration, breach of warranties, and defective goods and services. I will negotiate with the company on your behalf, plus represent you in arbitration, small claims, and both state and federal courts.

Who do I fight against?

Industries with high levels of fraud such as financial services, insurance companies, medical, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturers, retailers, and motor vehicles. General Examples and Specific Examples.


Companies are more likely to settle when there is a consumer fraud case brought against them. The Illinois Consumer Fraud Act and many contract arbitration agreements even require the company to pay my attorney fees. So generally my legal service is offered free of charge on a contingency basis. Why waste your time arguing with a company when I can force them to resolve your problem? Contact me anytime for a free consultation.

When big companies commit fraud, no dollar amount is too small to fight!

So call or email and let's schedule your free consultation today!

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